ANDREAS ROTH directed a viral film for "Dirt Devil" which took the internet by storm and accumulated over 30 million views on Vimeo. It was officially titled the 5th most viewed online film of 2011. Roth won the Young Directors Award in Cannes two times and already helmed campaigns for clients like BMW and Heineken while still in film school. He partnered with top agencies like R/GA, DDB, Publicis, JWT, WCRS, TM, Dentsu, Heimat, André, PUK, Leo's thjnk tank, Serviceplan, and Jung von Matt. In short, he is a nice guy with great ambitions. Use him!

Roth was born and grew up in Hamburg, Germany. As a young boy he dreamed of becoming a tennis pro, but that’s simply not where life took him. After high school, he pursued a career in the advertising universe. He gained experience as a production assistant at Germany’s biggest and well-known production company Markenfilm. Within one year and after tagging along various film shoots he worked six more months with Jung von Matt, one of the world's most creative ad agencies, as a junior editor. In that time he also spent some time in the TV world at the NDR and parallel shot a bunch of personal short films and spec commercials. He began his directing career with his first client commercial at the age of 21 before enrolling at film school.

Roth quickly gained momentum with a viral film for „Dirt Devil“ which accumulated over 30 million views on Vimeo and officially was titled the 5th most viewed online film of 2011. The film is also part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Roth partnered with top agencies like R/GA, DDB, Publicis, JWT, WCRS, TM, Mc CANN, Spark44, Dentsu, Heimat, André, PUK, Leo's thjnk tank, Serviceplan, Jung von Matt and more. He has helmed campaigns for clients like Adidas, Audi, BMW, Fila, Heineken, Lexus, Mc Donald's, O'Neill, Opel, Uniqlo, Xbox, Jaguar among others and worked with athletes like Novak Djokovic, Kei Nishikori, Willian, Marcus Rashford, Mark Matthews, Wayde van Niekerk, Miles Chamley-Watson and Chris Robshaw. He won The Young Director Award in Cannes two times and was honored at the prestigious Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase along with winning numerous other accolades and shortlists at festivals and marketing conventions. Including Cannes Lions, D&AD, ADC, Epica, Eurobest and NYC Festival, to name a few. He received a scholarship for the UCLA Film Academy Masterclass in Los Angeles and graduated from the esteemed Film Academy Baden-Württemberg in April 2014. Due to his work, he caught the attention of Ridley Scott and his well-known company RSA Films. For almost two years he called Los Angeles his home before settling in Europe again.  

Roth had the idea of gathering like-minded creatives together to push personal side projects as well as work outside the classic film jungle. One of these projects is the AKKURAT Journal - a magazine highlighting creatives and their work worldwide. Most recently he became a founding partner of the creative label AKKURAT Studios to serve as a filmmaking and design imprint for himself.

Roth is a multi-disciplined director who loves to create films with a cinematic look and a distinctive, textured style – he definitely has his individual handwriting. He’s currently based in Europe when not traveling around the world.

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Cannes Lions 
Cannes YDA  
Saatchi & Saatchi New Director’s Showcase 
ADC NYC & Europe
Red Dot
New York Festival
Golden Award of Montreux
Andy Awards
Shots Awards
Kinsale Shark Awards


Creativity Online
TED Global Conference
Little Black Book
Business Insider


When I had a bunch of conversations with friends, colleagues, and interesting human beings over the last couple of years. Every time we finished a conversation, I was asking myself why isn’t this chat archived and available?

The TÊTE-À-TÊTE series and AKKURAT Journal was born for this reason. Each issue of the journal will portray a hand-picked creative that we as the collective love, work with, or feel inspired by. It’s filled with great conversations — talking about self-development, being honest about the industry, and it tries to portray the artist’s portfolio, recent projects, as well the human being behind them. It‘s the publishing arm of the collective AKKURAT Studios.


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